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You’ll see the option to enable a Technical Support Representative to remotely access your system to help determine the underlying cause of your problem.

After clicking the Live Chat Button, you’ll be immediately connected to a live technician

Click on Live Chat button and enter your contact information, with a brief description of the issue you are facing

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Immediate Help

Don't wait for a technician to get back to you! You can have Immediate IT help when you need it and ongoing protection, too, so that you'll need it less often

Save thousands monthly over the cost of an in-house IT staff or typical on-demand 3rd party IT support.
Professional, full time, quick response IT management at minimum cost Geek Masters Tech Support can provide secure, remote, proactive monitoring, notification, escalation, problem resolution and management services to prevent and resolve your IT problems before they impact your business.

    What is remote access?

     In computer networking, remote access technology allows logging into a system as an authorized user without being physically present at its keyboard.

     In case of any concerns or questions about the remote session, please feel free to call us on 1-+1(917)406-2273 FREE or write to us at support@Geek

FAQs on Instant Remote Support

     Whose software does Geek Masters use for remote computer connection?

     Geek Masters uses Logmein Rescue & Geek Masters Connect software for remote access.

     Once the remote connection software is installed on a computer, can Geek Masters connect to the computer without your knowledge?

     No. Only when you enter the 6-digit code and check Allow Access can a connection be made with Geek Masters agents. Hence there is no way for us to initiate connection with your
     computer without your knowledge and active participation.

     Is the 6-digit code for my specific account?

     No. This code is dynamically generated for every new remote session. In the event that you want to reconnect with our agents, you will have to call us and get a new 6 digit code to
     initiate another connection.orte

     Can the agents, once remotely connected, access all of the files and data on my computer?

     Once the remote connection is made it is as-if the agent is at your desktop navigating your computer. Hence we advice you to close all personal files and folders and if you are not sure
     keep a watch on agent activity.

     What if I am not sure about this process and want to disconnect the remote session that has been started?

     No problem. Simply tell the agent to terminate the session or

     A. Close the remote connection window that is opened and the connection will be disconnected (Applicable for Logmein)

     B. Locate the Geek Masters Connect application in the system tray, right click on it and select 'exit' to disconnect the session (Applicable forGeek Masters Connect)

     The remote access software that is installed on my computer does it always run in the background?

     No. The only way the software will run is if you choose to run the exe downloaded. Logmein and Lester both are reputed companies headquartered in US.

     If you have any doubts you should visit their websites at www.Geek You can also call us on 1+1(917)406-2273 or email us on customerservice@Geek